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15 % Increase In The Number Of IELTS Candidates Post Covid-19

Post COVID-19, people have moved ahead with their plans again. And you can see this movement apparently through the number of candidates who have filled the IELTS (International English language Test System) paper in India. There has been an increase of 15 % of the aspirants who wanted to migrate or study in an English-speaking country such as The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia since the pre-pandemic years stated by the official figures.

IELTS is basically a globally accepted English proficiency testing system that is mandatory for the candidates of study visa or PR to fill and pass by achieving the required band score. It is a test for non-native speakers that are conducted by the IDP and British Council.

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Increase In Candidates For IELTS Post Covid-19

As we have stated, almost 15 % of the candidates have increased over time since the covid breakthrough. IDP Education Limited has shared all the details regarding the statistics of the number. ICP owns the IELTS organization in India.

We have seen almost 10 to 15 % growth in the current year’s IELTS numbers as compared to the pre-pandemic previous year. Stated the IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius) Piyush Kumar.

In fact, IDP launched 23 new offices all over India, which includes Gandhinagar, Anand, Shimla, Rajpur, Jammu, Trichy, Kurukshetra, Patna, Thrissur, Guwahati, Goa, And Calicut.

“With the help of new offices the candidates across India will have access to the world class counselling services through in person mode or virtual medium. It will help them gather information about the rights and prestigious universities and institutes all over Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland”, said Piyush Kumar {IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius)}.

These new offices have helped the students in their entire study abroad journey by providing the courses and universities selection, offer acceptance, application submission, finding accommodation, visa assistance, applying for health insurance, opening bank accounts, and many more.

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