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Introduction To Certain Approaches To Seek 7+ Band In IELTS

As an IELTS candidate, you would understand how hard it could be sometimes to form up good ideas for the writing module.

There are so many dos and don’ts that must be followed before writing. Also, it might be easier for candidates to form up ideas for the body, as they can fill it with some examples and points to justify the question. But what really pulls your hair is the introduction.

Importance Of Introduction

An introduction would form an overall impression upon the examiner, they would look at the writing style, your ideas, and overall quality. In order to not form any negative 1st impressions, you must avoid writing a disorganized, confusing, and error-filled introduction. Rather you must focus on writing a concise, engaging, and well-written introduction. This is why you would require a strategy that you can get from IELTS Institute in Mohali to write a good introduction for your writing module.

Certain Approach For Writing A Good Introduction

  • Read and analyze all the details: before writing your answer down, it is important to understand and jot down what the prompt is asking from you. Your introduction would be based on all the parts that the prompt has asked you to discuss.
  • Do not copy material from the prompt: while you must take help from the prompt by taking some clues and hints to form your introduction, do not start your writing by copying down the same line or phrases from the prompt. This would put a bad impression on the examiner as it would show your limitation towards the range of vocabulary. You can rather use synonyms, break the more complex ideas into smaller ones and try to put the details in the new order.
  • Start from the big picture then move to details: start from the umbrella of the topic wherein later you gather all the details together. If you are opening your introduction sentence with a “big opening” make sure it must be closely related to the topic. After that, you can go into tiny details and explain every point with complete information.
  • Make your position clear: in writing task 2 you would be specifically asked to give your opinion on the topic. Hence you must make your position very clear, whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with the topic or whose stance you are in. At Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, you can understand how to proportionate your answer.
  • Proofread your introduction: before you move forward with your topic, re-read your introduction. This would help you organize your thought process, as you might be arguing about a certain point but end up arguing about something entirely different thing. After you have completed your essay, revise your introduction and check whether they are matching with the rest of the content or not.

Just how important introduction is to form up a good 1st impression, a conclusion would ensure the strength of your arguments.

IELTS Writing

Everything you need to know about the IELTS Academic Writing

In the IELTS Academic Writing, 2 tasks are required to be done. All those questions asked in the General training writing test are different from the Academic ones. If you are planning to prepare for this exam then better begin your journey with one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali as there you will be taught properly by the IELTS course instructor.

IELTS Academic Writing Task is divided into 2 types

The IELTS Academic Writing includes:

  • Writing Task 1

During Writing Task 1 you will be given a visual representation of certain information in the form of a:

  • Graph
  • Tabel
  • Chart
  • Diagram

In all these, you will be asked to summarize, explain, or describe all the information which you see. While doing so, all the things must be properly organized & mentioned in the necessary 3 parts which include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Main Features

All these are supported by the figures which can be well noticed through the diagram.

To make sure that you prepare for the test properly, better get coaching from one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali as this way you will be getting in & out information on which way to prepare yourself for the exam.

  • Writing Task 2

If you get the Academic Writing Task 2 then it requires a proper point of view, problem, or argument. In this case, topics are different like it includes the:

  • Environment To Immigration
  • Culture
  • Technology

Additionally, you need to give your point of view through the given scenarios:

  • Agree or Disagree (Whether it’s your point of view or argument)
  • Talking about the opposing views
  • Talking regarding the necessary benefits & limitations
  • Better tell about the necessary issues
  • Writing down the reason for the issue
  • Telling a solution

In the case of Academic Writing Task 2, the need to mention everything is the essay format.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the IELTS Exam which you need to be aware of:

  • Do I have to write with a pencil for the paper-based IELTS test?

Pencils are suggested to do the IELTS writing, reading, & listening. It means there will be ease in rewriting & erasing the test. As the given tests are checked through scanning the use of a pencil works the best. 

  • What is the method to make my writing band score better?

You must check the General & Academic Training writing test beforehand to be aware of what to expect further. Through Task 1 & Task 2 everything will be properly analyzed. Make sure that you get the writing band score by doing enough practice.

Get yourself training from the experts

It’s all about ensuring that you get training from one of the known IELTS instructors so that you have better clarity over how to prepare. Additionally, this will also give you an idea regarding where you lack and how you can work on the same.

IELTS Coaching

Learn The Facts Of The Common Queries About The Speaking Module

If you are preparing for your IELTS you might notice a lot of changes in your command over the languages. With sheer hard work, you would be able to achieve the required band score easily.

However, that being said there are a few things that you must always keep in mind if you do not want to slack in any of the modules especially speaking.

Prepare from IELTS Institute in Mohali and never worry about slacking.

Speaking Modules And Its Difficulties

Though speaking session hardly takes 15 minutes, it can be very tough for those who are not used to communicating in a non-native language. Which can be a major reason for a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

These two factors play a crucial role in putting forward a good impression in front of the examiner.

Your ability to make others understand what you want to convey through your message is one of the criteria that the examiner judges your English.

Other than that comprehensible sentences, sentence formation, vocabulary, concepts or ideas and grammar are other factors that you should keep in mind.

Let Us Clear Some Doubts Regarding Speaking

There might be many doubts or myths that surround the speaking module, and if you want to clear your IELTS with the help of Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali it is important to get rid of those as soon as possible. Do not let anything get you off the tracks.

Is The Examiner During The Speaking Session Rude?

It is a false assessment, the examiners are never rude to the candidates, in fact, they make sure that the candidates are comfortable before starting the speaking session.

They are very professional and will not do anything that would decrease your confidence. Neither do they will indulge in any kind of unfair act by helping other candidates during the exam.

Is Getting More Than 6.5 Bands In Speaking Module Hard?

There are candidates who have achieved 8.0 or 8.5 bands in the speaking module. You too can score more than 6.5 bands easily in the speaking module without any tension.

Just communicate in English more and more daily with people, strengthen your vocabulary and sentence formation and work on your pronunciation and you are good to go. Oh! Do not forget to add a pinch of confidence to it.

Is Grammar Important To Learn For Speaking English?

Can you cook Indian curry without the base? Well, obviously not as it is an important ingredient that makes the curry, just like that grammar is the base of the language.

Without learning or having adequate knowledge about the grammar of the language you would not be able to communicate well, even if you did, your sentence might not leave the message that it wants to convey.

Half baked knowledge would not lead you anywhere, which is why you must work on your grammar if you are weak in it.

Final Comments

Prepare for your IELTS at Let’s Lead Education and work on all your weakness under the guidance of the best trainer.


How are IELTS and TOEFL English language tests different from each other?

IELTS and TOEFL are the most asked for English language tests which are important to clear for the students who are from non-English speaking countries. As per the course you are choosing, the necessary option to get will vary. Both these have their importance and it depends on your selected path what you want to get. In this blog, the necessary information will be given to you so that the final selection is made with ease. While making the choice you must get the teaching from one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali so that everything is easier and goes in the right direction.

What are the basics about IELTS & TOEFL?

Be it IELTS & TOEFL the English Language ability or you can say the skills are tested. Most importantly, the verbal ability is checked so that you have the skills to be given your best in the English-speaking culture. The prime focus of these tests is to check the comfort level with the language. Around 90% of the cases require this test to be done. So, if you are looking to pursue higher education then better get yourself training from one of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali.

What is tested in the IELTS & TOEFL?

It includes the 4 main sections: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking which means all these are tested to ensure the best of results are achieved or the desired bands are achieved in the end.

Difference between IELTS & TOEFL

  • Acceptance

IELTS is one of the most common British tests which is accepted by many of the well-known universities. TOEFL is one of those tests which every American college accepts but that is not for IELTS. You must get the necessary test score requirement checked to make the further choice with ease.

  • Availability

Comparing the 2: TOEFL is older as compared to IELTS. Both these tests are given 48 times per year. As time passes by, the number of centres for both these tests is getting opened at a fast pace.

  • Types

TOEFL includes just one internet-based test type. Although, there are some centres where the students can appear for the paper-based test.

On the other hand for IELTS there are tests like Academic & General. Depending on what’s the admission requirement you can opt for that specific course.

Understanding the difference for easier decision making

You must understand the difference between the 2 so that the desired choice is easy to make. Additionally, begin your preparation journey by learning from the best instructor who will help you prepare the right way. If you have any doubt in your mind then make sure to be vocal and discuss the same.



Canada IELTS

Minimum IELTS Score for Canada Immigration 2022

Minimum IELTS Score for Canada Immigration & other important details

All those students who are planning to travel to Canada want to know about the minimum score…In this blog, I have mentioned all the necessary information on the same.

Minimum IELTS Score for Canada Immigration

For the Canada PR Visa & Express Entry Program the minimum score is 6 Band.

Well! The 6 Band is the minimum requirement but students should always aim to get 8,7,7,7 band. For that, from the start, get the training from one of the known IELTS institutes in Mohali and boost the chances of getting an ITA.

IELTS Score Required for Canada PR

IELTS Canada PR Basic Basic+ Okay Good Better Best
Listening 4.5 to 5 5.5 6 to 7 7.5 8 8.5- to 9
Reading 3.5 to 4 5 6 6.5 7 8 to 9
Writing 4 to 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 to 9
Speaking 4 to 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 to 9


All those who wish to fulfill their dreams and get the best in life should start their training by joining one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali

How much is the minimum IELTS band for Canada PR?

All those applying for Canada Permanent Residency through Express Entry Program need to have a minimum of 6 bands which is equivalent to getting 7 in all CLB levels. On submitting an express profile along with a CRS score the ITA is allowed in which Canada PR is submitted to IRCC.

What if my IELTS score is low?

If the IELTS Score is low then it is better to apply for the PR visa for Canada through the PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program).

Make yourself skilled in English & French

The official languages of Canada are English & French. It means to make sure to get yourself skilled in any of these languages and most importantly the language proficiency needs to be proved for the same. Until the time the language proficiency is not proved, the federal government of Canada will not allow for the further process.

What are the ways to prove language proficiency?

For English

  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System
  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program

For French

  • TEF Canada: Test d’evaluation de francais
  • TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du francais

 IELTS Band for Canada PR Visa 2022

The sterling IELTS band score for Canada PR is 10 Band. It means getting 32 to 34 CRS points. In terms of PNPs, the IELTS score has to be around 6 band to get the eligibility. All in all, those who wish to settle down in Canada have to clear the IELTS test. In the given below table the IELTS score is translated to the CLB levels:

CLB Level Reading Writing Listening Speaking
10 8 7.5 8.5 7.5
9 7 7 8 7
8 6.5 6.5 7.5 6.5
7 6 6 6 6
6 5 5.5 5.5 5.5
5 4 5 5 5
4 3.5 4 4.5 4

 How much is the IELTS fee for Canada PR?

Be it computer-based or paper-based the IELTS Examination is around Rs 14,000. Any of these exams can be taken in the British Council official test centre.



IELTS Institute

What Is The Difference Between IELTS Academic And Ielts General?

IELTS is a test to check the proficiency in English of the candidate, when they wanted to move to a country whose primary or native language is English like Canada, Australia, Newzealand the USA and the UK.

IELTS is also divided into two categories IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Both serve a different purpose and you must choose the following test after you have taken consultancy in the IELTS Institute in Mohali.

Difference Between General And Academic:

There is a major difference in both tests. IELTS Academic is for those who wanted to pursue their further studies abroad, whereas the candidates who are interested to work and migrate to the desired country must opt for IELTS general.

With the help of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali, the candidates can ensure a good coaching class to crack the test with a band score that is required.

Let us now understand both the test and its module in detail.

Format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General:

Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General has four modules in it, those are:

    1. Listening
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
    4. Speaking

Bands Requirements For IELTS Academic and General

Though the format of the test may seem similar, there is a difference between them in terms of questions asked and the requirement of bands score too.

In most cases academic candidates require approx 6- 6.5 band score to get enrolled in the university, whereas the requirement for General candidates is higher, they need approx 7.5-8 bands to migrate.

Modules That are Similar In Both The Test

    • Listening Module: In both the IELTS Academic and IELTS General, the listening part is the same. Four different recordings will be played in this module with a series of questions. You need to answer those questions. Be careful in the exam as the accent may vary.
    • Speaking Module: the candidates in both tests have to converse with the examiner. This module is divided into 3 parts that are- introduction, cue card and follow-up.

Modules That Differs In Both The Test

    • Reading Module: for both the test the duration of the paper is of 60 minutes.

Academic: it is divided into three passages, wherein the candidate must answer the question which is in the form of multiple-choice questions, headings, sentence endings and matching information.

General: it is decided into 3 sections. 1st section is a short conversation between 2 people. 2nd section consists of a text and the 3rd section includes long and narrative passages.

    • Writing Module: it is divided into two tasks.

Academic: in task 1 the candidate has to describe the diagram(150 words). And in task 2 an essay is to be written on a given topic(250 words)

General: in task 1 the candidate is given to write a letter(150 words) whereas in task 2 the candidate has to write an essay of 250 words.

Final Comments

In Let’s Lead Education you can prepare for your IELTS, no matter what your requirement is.

IELTS Institute

Student Visa: When, How And What Is The Requirement To Apply For It.

What does aspiring students needs? A base that could ensure their security of good career and knowledge. And if those students have decided to pursue their further studies abroad, there is no bigger opportunity than they could not acquire.

For that, there are many preparations that they have to do to book a flight to their desired place. First of all, they need to pass their IELTS, which they can prepare in an IELTS Institute in Mohali and get the required bands.

PLEASE NOTE: Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali can only prepare you for the IELTS it depends on your confidence to manage the situation as there is no fixed syllabus for it.

The second and important part that is needed to be checked is your student visa.

There might be many questions that would pop inside your head regarding the visa and how to attain it, this read could help you detangle some of the jumble in your mind.

What Is Student Visa?

With the help of a student visa, you can stay and study in your desired country for a specific period. It is an endorsement that is given by the authorities of the immigration on your passport.

When Should One Apply For A Student Visa?

It would be best to apply for your student visa application once you received an offer letter or confirmation letter of enrolment in the university or college that you want to take admission to.

As the time to get your visa application may vary from country to country it would be best if you would apply for a student visa as early as possible, regardless of when your program is due to start.

You should start applying for your student visa prior if you are planning to seek any financial aid, like a scholarship or educational loan. As this process is time-consuming it would be best to try your hand way before.

How To Apply For A Student Visa?

Many steps are needed to be kept in mind while applying for a student visa, however, the process and the requirement of the steps may vary from country to country. But these are some evidence that a student would require to achieve the visa.

Required Evidence For The Student

  • The first thing a country would check before approving the student visa is the evidence of your English Language Proficiency, it may be done by different exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and many others.
  • A passport that would be valid for at least 6 months after your stay.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Offer letter from a recognised university or college.
  • Proof of your funds that is needed to be paid like the capacity to pay the tuition fees, living costs, and airfares for the duration that you would be staying.x


IELTS Coaching IELTS Institute

Be on the lookout for the best IELTS Institute by considering these points

All those who wish to travel abroad…first of all, ‘CONGRATS!’ In the first instance, you need to prepare yourself and choose the best IELTS Institute. But, ‘WHY?’ The focus is always upon choosing one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Punjab. The biggest factor is that not every institute will give the same sort of service. Moreover, their approach towards making the students aware is also different. Whether you talk about the study material and training, there is a difference in everything they do. So, this is the reason choosing one of the best IELTS institutes comes with utmost importance.

Important points to consider while on the search for ‘Top-rated IELTS Institute’

These are like they should have pointed to keep in mind while on the search for the IELTS Institute in Mohali:

  • Utmost importance on practical study

The selected IELTS institute has to focus on giving practical knowledge. The study material must give all the necessary information to the students to make the learning journey easier and understand what is needed. Moreover, it’s also like making the base as constructive as possible.

  • Demo-class

The demo class is the way to better analyze the entire situation. Moreover, it will make the student have a better understanding of the IELTS Institute. The institute must have all sorts of things needed to make the student well understand the minutest details & especially learn the important stuff from the qualified trainers.

  • Institute needs to be working for the betterment

There must be an R&D team that is continuously working on bringing the latest method & technologies. Every day should be a new day and there should be the same kind of zeal to get things done.

  • Timing is important

Indeed! The timing plays an important part while selecting the IELTS Institute. Before you select the institute make sure to check the timing as to when they provide the classes. Moreover, if there is any slot as to which they can make the process to get the cause easier for you.

  • Experienced team of IELTS instructor

While on the lookout for the IELTS Institute in Mohali it’s essential to consider the IELTS instructors are well-trained and they have expertise in making the students aware of the entire process. Their expertise and skill will make a lot of difference for the students to know in & out about the entire situation.

Make the right choice to get +7 Band

In case you are wondering whom to choose then one of the known IELTS institutes in Punjab is ‘Let’s Lead Educational’. Moreover, the students will be asked to check their knowledge through the test. So, this will work like getting an insight about where the student has to work to make a difference in their skills.