4 factors to improve your vocabulary to ace your IELTS Exam

IELTS Preparation – Make Your Vocabulary Better

The English language is an essential part of IELTS preparation. With so many words and rules, it often confuses the individuals on what they should do. When you join Best IELTS Coaching in Punjab, it’s easier to familiarize yourself with everything and get yourself on the right path. The expertise of an IELTS course instructor allows you to make yourself aware of every step. And most importantly, the expert tips are the crux of improving your vocabulary to ace the IELTS exam with a +7 band.

How to improve your vocabulary for the IELTS exam?

Tip 1: Understanding vocabulary size

Get through an understanding of vocabulary size. The knowledge obtained when joining the IELTS Institute in Mohali allows you to learn from your mistakes and work upon them. Every student has their known ability to understand things and how they perceive them. Now, it’s up to you that you should analyze all things effectively. You are asked to take different tests to understand where you stand at the IELTS institute. Additionally, it guides the student better to know about each level and what it does. So, make sure always to make efforts and enhance your vocab as much as possible.

Do you have any doubts about IELTS preparation?

Look for one of the known IELTS institutes and Visa Consultant in Mohali to ease the way to go to your dream destination, be it for study, work, and permanent residency.

Tip 2: Frequency factor

Direct focus on frequent word usage. When you join the IELTS coaching center in Punjab, it allows you to make you familiarise yourself with everything as the English course instructor has years of experience. And that is why you should take their assistance to know and out the necessary vocabulary for IELTS. So, always make sure that you deepen your knowledge about everything you can.

Tip 3: Never miss out on basic principles

Indeed! The role of vocab is highly crucial for every step of the IELTS exam. Some different subjects and levels need to be covered. Therefore, you have to give yourself enough time to learn the principles and familiarize yourself better with vocabulary teaching. Some critical factors to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t make anything complex; a straightforward approach is better and more effective
  • Get an explanation about everything to understand it
  • Pay attention to what you already know and whether it is right
  • Never make the mistake of adding in poorly known words
  • Don’t include any words that you are not familiar with

No doubt, as much involvement you are with the words, it allows better results at the end, which you want. So, keep preparing, learning, and analyzing as much as you can.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to practice

Aside from taking help from your IELTS course instructor, you have to practice independently. When you practice, you will make mistakes and understand what not to do.



IELTS Immigration consultants

What are the best ways to find a genuine immigration consultant?

Tips for finding one of the best immigration consultants

Have you ever thought of a world that’s borderless? Meaning the transportation of goods from one country to another. Luckily that’s possible, and it does play an essential part in all our lives. With this opportunity, the concept of immigration is getting widespread attention. Individuals are fascinated by the immigration concept, and thus they look to visit the nation that fascinates them. And to fulfill the aspect of immigration effectively, by all means, individuals look for one of the best Visa Consultant in Punjab who can guide them well in managing the process.

The world of immigration is ever-changing, and new rules are enforced from time to time. So, to keep up with everything they need for immigration consultants increases. No doubt, once the individual begins the journey at one of the best IELTS Institute in Punjab, the follow-up decision is to find an immigration expert who is reliable enough to trust for the entire process.

What are the top ways to find an immigration consultant?

As you begin the search for PR Consultants in Mohali, there are a few important ways that you should take into account. It includes the following:

Tip 1: Begin with a Google search

Initially, you have to begin the search on the Google engine as there are several agencies out there showcase to deliver the best and needed results. But, find the one who is credible enough to do the work.

Tip 2: Ask for referrals

One of the effective ways is to take referrals from your near and dear ones who have experienced this process. Doing so allows you to list all those experienced in this field.

Tip 3: Take the expertise of a registered consultancy service

Always trust the expertise of an immigration consultant who knows the area and registered.

Tip 4: Seek the ones who run a consultancy firm

Always get the services of the ones who run a consultancy firm. Don’t get the work done by a freelancer who gives service for money sake. Find the ones who are professional experts.

Tip 5: Check the background

Most importantly, you have to find those who have a genuine nature to help you. Analyze they have a proper setup of everything to make it all different and better for you.

What are the factors to check the reliability of consultancy firms?

  • The firm should adequately set up and check the address, premises, and location.
  • Check the company’s track record and accreditation to analyze its working status.
  • Check the firm’s service by going through the website.
  • Hire an immigration consultant legally authorized to represent visa applications or other matters.
  • In-depth knowledge of the entire process.
  • Make sure to be transparent about the application process.

What are the reasons to look for an experienced immigration consultant?

  • Knowledge of the consultant about every step
  • Follow all the regulations and rules
  • Gives honest advice at affordable rates
  • Increased chances of success

Spoken English: Why is it necessary at present for everyone?

Spoken English

Language is the most integral part of communication. The language is the platform from which everyone shares ideas and excellent thoughts. Moreover, in every country and place, a person speaks different languages. Indeed every language has its beauty. With that being said, English is an integral language for various purposes and even for students who want to study abroad. So, as you enroll yourself at one of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali, you need to work on your English speaking skills.

As you move to a foreign country, you need to communicate with others. Therefore the option of English Speaking Course In Mohali is what you all need to make your English speaking skills get to a whole different level.

English language: Vital part of communication in the present time

Undoubtedly, many factors make the English language an essential part of communication. Being one of the most commonly used foreign languages, the impotence of English speaking course at one of the leading IELTS Coaching in Punjab.

Automatically has to increase. So, as you are studying in a different nation, you have to work on your speaking skills to improve the results.

If you want to travel during vacation or break during your study duration, you need to communicate with others. Considering that perspective, the option of the English language is noteworthy.

Easy availability of information for understanding

Once you have made up your mind to begin the journey for an English speaking course. You need the right kind of resources and understanding for everything. And this is the option of learning everything in the expertise of the course instructor to make a difference.

Not just their expertise, you can watch Tv shows and movies, listen to podcasts, and do many other things to enhance your skills. Side by side, you need to prepare yourself accordingly as told by your English-speaking course instructor for better results. And that is what makes a difference in everything. If you want to see results, you have to practice and give your best throughout the learning journey.

Opens up the door for a better job opportunities

If you don’t have to study abroad but want to settle down, you must work on your English speaking skills. Suppose someone wants to begin a business venture of foreign nature but doesn’t have the confidence or understanding to speak English; the business success boat won’t go to the final stage. The benefits of spoken English are:

  • Helps you to put forward your ideas in a presentable manner.
  • The confidence that you get to talk in front of others is commendable.
  • Let’s succeed in every step of the journey.
IELTS Institute

4 top reasons to choose a top-rated IELTS training institute

Choosing the best is what we all need!

Especially when it’s about a career, we all want to take every step with utmost caution. If someone is planning to begin the journey of IELTS training, then choosing one of the leading IELTS institutes is exceptionally crucial. It’s all about the dream and making sure the goals get fulfilled.

If you are on the path to studying or permanently visiting abroad, you have to appear for the IELTS exam. Now, the situation demands to get assistance from the professional IELTS course instructor at one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali. Doing so ensures you are on the right track and know what next step you must take. But now, the call is to choose the reliable, experienced one, and make the journey to achieve the desired IELTS band score easier. So, I have mentioned some of the known reasons you should enroll yourself at the top-rated IELTS training institute and how.

Reasons to choose a top-rated IELTS institute

Reason 1: Expertise of professionals

The expertise of an IELTS course instructor is the most significant factor in getting yourself on the right path. Their years of experience and understanding play a vital role in guiding you effectively. Most importantly, they have handled several students in the direction, telling you where you are wrong and what things you have to work on.

Reason 2: Understanding in detail

Be it reading, listening, writing, or speaking; the course instructor ensures to guide you in detail. If you lack behind in something, they are always there to guide you properly. No doubt, if you prepare yourself on your own, the journey seems to be challenging. Be it basics or complex; the professionals are there to make things right. So, always choose professional expertise to achieve your IELTS dream band.

Reason 3: Consultancy in every step

Choosing the top-rated IELTS institute makes all things better when they offer visa consultancy. The combination of services allows the student to take away the stress of finding everything differently. So, when you search for the IELTS institute, do look whether they provide the service of a Visa Consultant in Mohali to give you that ease and comfort you are looking for.

Reason 4: Get insider tips and tricks

Self-study is good, but when you are preparing for something big like the IELTS, choose expertise over anything else. Before you coming to them, the IELTS instructor has guided several students. Therefore, it lets them be more familiar with the entire process. The IELTS course instructor shares tips and tricks with you to make the preparation easier.

Don’t let your valuable time put on hold!

If your dream is to study abroad and settle there, you have to make the first step give significant importance.

IELTS IELTS listening

Everything you need to know about IELTS Listening Test

Preparation for IELTS listening tips

Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? Even if you are preparing or about to begin your journey for preparation, you need the expertise of one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, as the trained IELTS course instructors allow you to prepare effectively. Having clarity over everything ensures you achieve the desired IELTS band score. To ace the test, it’s imperative to know every step and give your best.

One of the important parts of the IELTS test is LISTENING. The test aim is to check:

  • Your understanding of ideas & factual information
  • Understand the options
  • Attitudes
  • Purpose of a speaker

As you prepare yourself for the test at the IELTS institute, you get pre-recorded recordings. With time, the difficulty in the listening test gets higher to increase your ability to go through the test. You need to appear for a listening test with a reading and writing test on the same day, and there’s no break.

Let’s Lead Educational is your one-stop destination to prepare yourself for the IELTS test. The IELTS preparation and our team will give you useful insights about the Visa Consultant in Punjab to ensure every step is carried out with utmost precaution.

What do you need to know about the IELTS listening test format

In total, four recordings are included and have different questions. Here’s what is included:

Recording 1 Conversation b/w 2 individuals just like regular talk.
Recording 2 Monologue used in everyday social life
Recording 3 2 or 4 people having conversation related to education or training
Recording 4 Monologue for academic subject

Listening test time: 30 minutes

By the end of the test, you have 10 minutes to transfer answers to the sheet. So, use the given wisely and carefully.

What are the important tips for IELTS listening?

  • Concentrate on recordings as you just hear once.
  • Make sure to write all necessary answers side by side while playing the recording.
  • Write down answers with a pencil.
  • Use abbreviations while writing answers to write down everything quickly. And while you get 10 minutes, write down everything properly.
  • The written answer is upper or lower case. If you choose lower case, write the entire test in lower case only.
  • Don’t make spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t miss out on prepositions where necessary.
  • Don’t stress yourself during the test. Otherwise, you will make mistakes.
  • Close your eyes as you listen to the recordings to help you understand everything.
  • If you missed out on any answer by chance, then try to remember what you listened to. There are no negative markings, so it better not leave any of the questions.
  • Some recordings can confuse you. So, make sure you carefully understand and get clarity over the answers.
IELTS IELTS Coaching IELTS Institute

15 % Increase In The Number Of IELTS Candidates Post Covid-19

Post COVID-19, people have moved ahead with their plans again. And you can see this movement apparently through the number of candidates who have filled the IELTS (International English language Test System) paper in India. There has been an increase of 15 % of the aspirants who wanted to migrate or study in an English-speaking country such as The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia since the pre-pandemic years stated by the official figures.

IELTS is basically a globally accepted English proficiency testing system that is mandatory for the candidates of study visa or PR to fill and pass by achieving the required band score. It is a test for non-native speakers that are conducted by the IDP and British Council.

With the help of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali, you can learn the tips and tricks needed for IELTS. Prepare yourself with the suitable material and achieve the required band score with no stress. We believe in providing the best to the aspirants while simultaneously boosting their confidence to speak and write in English. 

Increase In Candidates For IELTS Post Covid-19

As we have stated, almost 15 % of the candidates have increased over time since the covid breakthrough. IDP Education Limited has shared all the details regarding the statistics of the number. ICP owns the IELTS organization in India.

We have seen almost 10 to 15 % growth in the current year’s IELTS numbers as compared to the pre-pandemic previous year. Stated the IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius) Piyush Kumar.

In fact, IDP launched 23 new offices all over India, which includes Gandhinagar, Anand, Shimla, Rajpur, Jammu, Trichy, Kurukshetra, Patna, Thrissur, Guwahati, Goa, And Calicut.

“With the help of new offices the candidates across India will have access to the world class counselling services through in person mode or virtual medium. It will help them gather information about the rights and prestigious universities and institutes all over Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland”, said Piyush Kumar {IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius)}.

These new offices have helped the students in their entire study abroad journey by providing the courses and universities selection, offer acceptance, application submission, finding accommodation, visa assistance, applying for health insurance, opening bank accounts, and many more.

If you are having trouble understanding the insights of the visa procedure, you can visit Visa Consultant in Mohali and clear all your inquiries. 

Why Choose Us?

We believe in providing the best and the updated material to our candidates. Here are some reasons why you must select us for your preparation classes. 

  • Skilled trainers

Without a trainer who can help you comprehend the insights of the IELTS examination, you would not be able to crack the paper with flying bands. We believe in providing the best to our students by hiring qualified trainers to polish your English language. 

  • Reputed coaching center

Another point is that we are a reputed coaching center with a renowned success rate for both IELTS scores and visa applicants. You can check the review of our previous candidates and get to learn about the success rate by yourself.

IELTS IELTS Coaching IELTS Institute IELTS Speaking

Some Hard Truths About IELTS Preparation For Better Opportunity

IELTS is a key to forming a foundation to go abroad. As an expert on IELTS, we frequently answer the most common question regarding IELTS preparation and the tips to pass the all-important IELTS examination, especially during this pandemic.

We all know how online exams have taken a front seat in these challenging times, and it has become a new normal. That being said, many people think that IELTS preparation is a one-size-fits-all thing, which, let me burst your bubble, is not the case. Each candidate has different needs with different strong and weak points. This is why we have jotted down some hard truths about IELTS preparation (English Speaking Course In Mohali).

IELTS Preparation Is Different For Different Candidates

The preparation for IELTS highly depends on the aspirant. In some cases, people are ready with the preparation and can give the exam tomorrow, whereas, in others, a candidate requires six months of hard work and sheer practice to crack the paper. It all, in the end, depends on an individual. It is a fact that something that worked out well for someone would do the same magic on you; there are students who feel that it is not the proper test for you. And to counter that, there are other options available, for example, PTE and TOEFL in the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali.

Apart from that, it is also essential to learn your weak and strong points of yours for improvement. It would be best if you also focused on taking coaching classes from renowned institutes as they would be able to give the right amount of attention to you. What really matters, in the end, is the strategy that you respond to.

Take Right Direction For Better Opportunity

The Internet is a never-ending hole; with tons of information online, you can gather the correct data for your online exam. That being said, people often mistake this alternative form of preparation for the final course, which should not be the case. Online preparation can only help you practice what you have learned from the right institute, but with the help of IELTS coaching classes, you will be able to understand the insights of the IELTS examination, especially about the online paper. The IELTS paper in the online portal is free but not structured, which is the biggest loop. An IELTS institute has a proper training session, with strategies built for each candidate with tips and tricks to improve the area which requires extra attention. This is why it is necessary to think a lot about which IELTS coaching center you would enroll yourself in, as they play a significant role in shaping your proficiency in the non-native language. IELTS is an expensive exam, which is why you would want to crack it in one go.

Work On Your Weakness

Learn the point which is your weakness, and practice that as much as possible. Once you get to know your level in the language, it is necessary to work on those areas which can pull you back. IELTS is all about practice; the more you will do, the better it will be.


Enroll yourself in Let’s Lead Education and prepare for your IELTS examination with expert trainers