Which are the most effective options to migrate to Canada?

Are you planning to migrate to Canada 2022?

Well! The Canadian government makes certain changes under their immigration rules. Considering everything, it’s not that easy to migrate to Canada, and it’s essential to follow all the necessary tips to make it all seem successful. The major consideration is to consider every little factor. If you are worried about how the entire process would go, get expert assistance. If you plan to study in Canada, prepare yourself for the exam by enrolling yourself at the IELTS Institute in Mohali. Additionally, it’s worth understanding all the essential options to migrate to Canada.

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5 Most effective options to migrate to Canada

1. Express entry program

Under the Canadian Immigration program, the people are allowed to live and work in Canada as a skilled workers by getting entry through Express entry. The main aim is to assess, recruit, and select skilled immigrants and have all the necessary qualifications. All in all, it’s like having all the suitable candidates who will effectively meet the labor market demand.

2. Family class sponsorship

Family reunification is the linchpin of the Immigration system in Canada. The families living in Canada can sponsor their relatives to live with them permanently. Those who are qualified under this approach are permanent residents or Canadian citizens.


If you want to sponsor grandparents or parents to Canada, then the path of Super Visa Category makes the ultimate choice.


3. LMIA work visa

In many cases, applicants get Canadian immigration through job offers and applying for a work visa. Most importantly, job security plays an imperative part, and the applicant is in the state to apply for a work permit once the necessary LMIA approval is obtained. The process includes several steps but is a great pathway to seeking permanent residency in Canada.

4. PNP (Provincial Nominee Program)

The PNP is another great choice that is gaining huge popularity in Canada. Most importantly, they have their own immigration program that helps to make the process all fast. But, yes, with PNPs, there is a necessity to have a job offer from the employer in Canada to get the qualification for the same.

5. Additional Options for Canadian Immigration

YES! There are a few additional options, and depending on your state, you are suggested the ideal one like:

  • The Canadian Experience Class
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Application
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

Are you having difficulty with where to begin your Canadian Immigration process?

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