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Best IELTS Instructor giving tips on ‘IELTS Speaking Answers’

Students often have confusion on what to speak during the exam. IELTS is one of the important exams for the student to visit abroad, they need to have clarity over everything. Here, the first step is to visit one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali so that the preparation journey goes with as ease as possible. Moreover, if there is any concern that is known on time so that you can get +7 Band or more as you hoped for.

Important Note!

The given samples are just for understanding and to know what is needed. These can be used to frame the answers asked by your IELTS instructor and accordingly give your best during the exam. Following all the necessary suggestions given by the IELTS instructor of IELTS Coaching in Mohali will make your thought process and the way it is needed.


Examples on IELTS Speaking Topic Answers

Describe someone who taught you an important lesson in your life

  • Tell me about the person: WHO?
  • Your relation with him or her: HOW?
  • The lesson they taught you: WHAT?
  • How did it prove fruitful to you?

Describe something which you like to do in your leisure time alone or with family

  • The specific activity you love to do
  • The place where you like to do it
  • The way activity is done
  • The excitement you have or the way you feel when it’s done


The above-mentioned scenario can have different questions like:

  • Is it really important to have free time?
  • Does leisure time help the individual?
  • While doing leisure activities, should a person get involved in anything risky?
  • How is it beneficial to travel to a new place while doing a leisure activity?

Describe the situation that how you helped someone

  • Tell about the person
  • The method which you helped him or her
  • The way help was given
  • The feeling you had when you helped the person


Describe the situation when you did not find the destination or place

  • What was the place?
  • Was someone with you?
  • What did you do next?
  • Did you feel scared?



The IELTS instructor might ask some additional questions like:

  • Is it really necessary to know the routes while traveling to a new place?
  • Do you think google maps are a good way to reach the destination on time?
  • What’s the reason people choose to travel to a new place?
  • Should traveling be an important part of life? What’s the reason, be it yes or no?
  • Has technology made it easier for people to travel?

Describe a work which you have carried out with a group

  • What was the task or work?
  • Who was with you in that part?
  • When & where it was done?
  • Did you enjoy it?