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List of the top courses that opens the road to get PR in Australia

Australia is one of the most renowned places in terms of offering high-quality education to students worldwide. In getting higher education, the students travel to Australia to make their future all bright and secure. Some might only want to finish their high-level education in Australia, but the dream job is to settle in Australia for others. Well, here, the focus is needed on the first step: choosing the best course in terms of study purpose.

Suppose you are thinking about studying in Australia. In that case, you should join one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali and get yourself trained for the IELTS exam under the expertise of the IELTS instructor, who will give you all the necessary details as to what you should do next. If you are planning to do the same, then this blog will provide you with a list of all those courses that are worth opting for to plan for your journey to study in Australia.

Topmost courses that you can choose to study in Australia

  • Engineering

An engineering degree is one of the most significant ways to seek employment, especially for international students. Engineers are the ones who have the responsibility to innovate and give practical solutions to different complex issues. Their commitment is towards designing, building, manufacturing, creating, and inventing new ideas. The list of courses in engineering that you can opt for is mechanical engineering, structural engineering, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, and much more.

  • Accounting

Accounting is another great occupation that’s growing in Australia. Considering the similar reason students are opting to pursue accounting. Once you step into this arena, multiple job options are awaiting you. As an accounting student, you are in a position to apply for the position of external editor, taxation accountant, general accountant, external editor, and much more.

  • Nursing

Nursing is another excellent choice in making your career secure by all means. It’s one of the best occupations in all ways. As there’s a need for skilled medical employees, it’s like opting for this course opens up several doors for you. For the Nurse practitioner, the list of techniques that you can opt for is Nurse surgical, community health, mental health, medical practice, registered Nurse, aged care, critical rehabilitation, and much more.

  • Social work

Social work is another choice that’s getting the attention of aspiring students from around the globe. Those who want to get work done for the underprivileged people can opt for the said choice. It’s like helping society through the different social causes.

Do you have any doubts?

With the assistance of the trained IELTS Coaching course instructor, it will be much easier for you to plan everything. Moreover, their service will help you choose the right course to make your future safe and secure in all ways. If you are looking for one, then join Let’s Lead Educational to begin your IELTS preparation study most effectively.

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IELTS Score: What’s the minimum IELTS score for Australia PR and to do work?

Do you wish to know the Minimum IELTS Score for Australian PR?

You have stumbled yourself to the right place. This blog will give you all the necessary information about the minimum IELTS Score which you should aim for while preparing at one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali. Most importantly, preparing yourself for the IELTS test under the expertise of professionals will give you all the necessary information regarding the IELTS course.


Minimum IELTS Score to get Australia PR and do work in Australia

Australia is known for its vibrant culture, beautiful landscape, and right economic structure. If your wish is to study abroad or work abroad then Australia is one of the best places to make your career secure in all ways. Moreover, PR is the right way to live, work, and study in Australia. To take yourself on the right path, you need to start the preparation at one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali to make everything work the right way. You are spending your time and effort & it’s only worth it when you set the foundation strong.


What are the options for work-based immigration to Australia?

If your dream is to work in Australia, then you have 3 pathways for work-based immigration to Australia. It includes the:

  •     Employer-Sponsored Workers
  •     General Skilled Migration
  •     Skill Select

To obtain the Australian Permanent Resident through the General Skilled Migration Program there are around 5 visa subclasses through the point-based immigration system that includes the:

  •     Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)
  •     Skilled Nomination Visa (Subclass 190)
  •     Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485)
  •     Skilled Nomination/Sponsored Provisional Visa (Subclass 489)
  •     Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)


What are the different criteria included in the point-based immigration system?

  •     Age
  •     English Language Proficiency
  •     Work Experience (In and Out of Australia)
  •     Level of Education
  •     Study in Australia
  •     Specialist Education
  •     Spouse Skill Points
  •     Other ( Nominations, Community Language accreditation, etc.)


What’s the minimum Skilled Migration Program?

Minimum point: 65 through the Skilled Migration Program

IELTS is one of the essential parts of the entire system. If you talk about the minimum score in different areas like:

  •     Speaking
  •     Listening
  •     Reading
  •     Writing

In all these the minimum score = 6 IELTS Band. Obviously, the higher the score the better will be for you.

 How is the IELTS score allocated?

IELTS Score Points Allocated
Competent (Score of 6.0 or more) 0
Proficient (Score of  7.0 or more) 10
Superior (Score of 8.0 or more) 20

Score requirement varies for each section to get the PR in Australia. If you have any doubt then better talk about the same with the IELTS course instructor.

What’s the per-section score requirement to get a language test?

English Language Proficiency Section IELTS
Competent Listening 6
  Reading 6
Writing 6
Speaking 6
Proficient Listening 7
Reading 7
Writing 7
Speaking 7
Superior Listening 8
Reading 8
Writing 8
Speaking 8


As compared to the normal IELTS test results, the skilled migration application test results are valid for 3 years.



Australia Intake

What do you need to know about the Study in Australia 2022 July Intake?

Study in Australia & Make your future secure

Are you planning to pursue higher education in a foreign state?

So, what option do you have in your mind?

Admission Guide: Study In Australia In 2022, Australia, Canada, the UK, or any other place. If you prefer Australia, you have landed yourself at the right spot. The journey to Study in Australia will go with ease when you have prepared yourself fully for the IELTS exam. Every student who wishes to study abroad has to clear the English Proficiency test to prove that their English is top-notch. 

Are you planning for the July 2022 Intake for Australia?

Take the first initial step by joining one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali to prepare yourself correctly. The skilled course instructor will help you get familiar with the minutest details and make the other journey easy for you. 

Prepare for the Study In Australia July Intake 2022

Once you have started your journey at the IELTS Institute in Mohali, you have to consider every little piece of information. The most important part is to start early to take further steps with ease. Ensure that you visit the university website to check all the necessary application requirements to be fulfilled and when the deadline is to apply.

Additionally, you have to download the admission brochures by checking the university websites. You can get a hold of these a year earlier because there is no point in leaving things for the last minute. If someone in your known is staying in Australia, do ask them how to manage the accommodation. If not, then better do some research beforehand.

 Essential guidelines to prepare yourself for Australia July Intake 2022

  • You need to prepare yourself for English proficiency tests like PTE, IELTS, GMAT, and TOEFL. The consideration will depend on the course and university you will choose. Here is when you have to get yourself registered:
Register for GMAT By January or at least 2 months before the test date.
Register for PTE/TOEFL/IELTS At least 1 month before the test date.


It’s essential to take the test in March or April. You will have a buffer time if there is a need to retake the test. It would help if you took assistance from the professionals to help yourself prepare for the entire process. When it comes to drafting the SOPs and essays, you have to give it at least one month to prepare them effectively.

Important Note!

  • If you get any college email, make sure not to delay the same.
  • As per the deadline, you need to tell the universities what your decision is.
  • Make sure to get all the necessary paperwork done for the student visa and carefully consider the requirements.
  • Do not delay applying for the student visa & it’s essential to consider the processing time.
  • Get the airline tickets booked.
  • Get the international Debit & Credit Card.
  • Make sure to cross-check that you have all the documents and even have the photocopy.