IELTS Band Score

Tips And Tricks To Help You Score More Than 7.5 Bands In IELTS 2022

It is essential to understand that everything in life should have adequate planning. Without proper strategies, it is not possible to excel in life. And this factor also applies to the examination of IELTS (International English Language Tests system). If you want to go abroad with a good band score, it is necessary for you to follow each instruction given by the IELTS Institute in Mohali.

Today in this blog, we will discuss some tips that you should know to ace your paper.

Tips For IELTS 2022

  • The first thing that you should do is to enhance your vocabulary. Repeating the same word again and again, especially in the speaking module, can be very unimpressive. Apart from that, it is also very beneficial for your writing module. A perfect way to showcase your capabilities.
  • Build confidence; without self-esteem and the power to stay calm, you would not be able to score the required band score. The key to success is to create an aura that you are fluent in the non-native language and would be able to excel in it with no hassle. Remember that confidence is the key to success.
  • Read newspapers and books. Are you facing trouble in completing your reading task in time? Well, to build up speed, all you would require is to start reading books and newspapers daily. It will also help you build better formation. In the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, the trainer would give your new material daily to practice, which might help you form a speed, so that you will also have time to proof check.
  • Start watching English movies. Understanding English is different from understanding a whole foreign accent. Sometimes it can be pretty tricky to decode that. This is why listening to English movies with different accents is essential. This will help you better understand the language and the tone.
  • Start speaking or having a conversation with your friends and family members; this is the perfect way to articulate your thoughts in the real world. Many would agree that thinking about what you want to say or write is easier than executing it. The only possible way to eradicate such issues is to speak in English with everyone; this will also help you cut off any hesitation.
  • Practice is one of the most critical factors you can not disagree with. Without redoing your homework and class word for the preparation, you would not be able to score the needed band score. Remember, practice makes men perfect.

Why Choose Us For Your IELTS Coaching?

Given below are some of the main reasons why we are the best liable options for your IELTS coaching. 

  • Skilled trainers

Without the trainer, it is not possible to build a better chance of understanding the insights of the IELTS tests. They would teach you the right way to fill all the answers and also some extra tips to score the extra points.

  • Provides new material

Without material, it is very challenging to form a better understanding. Practicing new material which is from the authorized site would definitely help you.

IELTS Band Score IELTS listening IELTS Reading IELTS Speaking IELTS Writing

Band Score For Each Module: Listening, Reading, Writing And Speaking

In an IELTS examination, the overall bands and the test score is provided by The Test Report Form. The band score is divided between all four modules, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. 

Overall Band Score

After calculating the score in all four modules, the average is taken out to form an overall band score. This usually rounds to the nearest whole or half band score. All the section’s band scores are weighted equally to create the result. You can score the highest band score by taking coaching from IELTS Institute in Mohali.

 Let us take an example for better understanding: 

  Listening Reading Writing Speaking Average of four modules (total of the four individual modules score divided by 4) Band score
Test takerA 6.5 6.5 5.0 7.0 6.25 6.5
Test taker B 3.5 4.0 4.0 4.0 3.875 4.0
Test taker C 6.5 6.5 5.5 6.0 6.175 6.0

 In case, the average of all the four modules rounds up to .25 then  the overall band score must be rounded up to the next half band score. Whereas if the average of all the bands score is .75  then the overall band score would be rounded up to the next whole band. 

Band Score For Each Module

  • Listening 
Correct Answers Band


39-40 9.0
37-38 8.5
35-36 8.0
32-34 7.5
30-31 7.0
26-29 6.5
23-25 6.0
18-22 5.5
16-17 5.0
13-15 4.5
11-12 4.0


  • Reading (Academic IELTS) 
Correct Answers Band


40-39 9.0
38-37 8.5
36-35 8.0
34-33 7.5
32-30 7.0
29-27 6.5
26-23 6.0
22-19 5.5
18-15 5.0
14-13 4.5
12-10 4.0
9-8 3.5
7-6 3.0
5-4 2.5



  • Reading (General IELTS)
Correct Answers Band


40 9.0
39 8.5
37-38 8.0
36 7.5
34-35 7.0
32-33 6.5
30-31 6.0
27-29 5.5
23-26 5.0
19-22 4.5
15-18 4.0
12-14 3.5
9-11 3.0
6-8 2.5


  • Writing

The examiner uses specific assessment criteria to check the proficiency of the written English test. On the basis of those assessments, they would award the band score. Given below are the four criteria for the writing test assessment. 

  •   For task 1, there is task achievement, and for task 2 (task response)
  •   Cohesion and coherence
  •   Lexical resources
  •   Grammatical range and accuracy.

On the basis of the point, the examiners weigh the band score equally. The score attained is then calculated for average marks. 

  •   Speaking

There are also some specific criteria on which the examiner assesses the band score of the spoken English proficiency. The four criteria for the speaking test include: 

  •   Fluency and Coherence
  •   Lexical Resource
  •   Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  •   Pronunciation

All four criteria are weighted equally, and the average of the task is calculated to give the final band score. With the help of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, you can score your desired score.