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4 top reasons to choose a top-rated IELTS training institute

Choosing the best is what we all need!

Especially when it’s about a career, we all want to take every step with utmost caution. If someone is planning to begin the journey of IELTS training, then choosing one of the leading IELTS institutes is exceptionally crucial. It’s all about the dream and making sure the goals get fulfilled.

If you are on the path to studying or permanently visiting abroad, you have to appear for the IELTS exam. Now, the situation demands to get assistance from the professional IELTS course instructor at one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali. Doing so ensures you are on the right track and know what next step you must take. But now, the call is to choose the reliable, experienced one, and make the journey to achieve the desired IELTS band score easier. So, I have mentioned some of the known reasons you should enroll yourself at the top-rated IELTS training institute and how.

Reasons to choose a top-rated IELTS institute

Reason 1: Expertise of professionals

The expertise of an IELTS course instructor is the most significant factor in getting yourself on the right path. Their years of experience and understanding play a vital role in guiding you effectively. Most importantly, they have handled several students in the direction, telling you where you are wrong and what things you have to work on.

Reason 2: Understanding in detail

Be it reading, listening, writing, or speaking; the course instructor ensures to guide you in detail. If you lack behind in something, they are always there to guide you properly. No doubt, if you prepare yourself on your own, the journey seems to be challenging. Be it basics or complex; the professionals are there to make things right. So, always choose professional expertise to achieve your IELTS dream band.

Reason 3: Consultancy in every step

Choosing the top-rated IELTS institute makes all things better when they offer visa consultancy. The combination of services allows the student to take away the stress of finding everything differently. So, when you search for the IELTS institute, do look whether they provide the service of a Visa Consultant in Mohali to give you that ease and comfort you are looking for.

Reason 4: Get insider tips and tricks

Self-study is good, but when you are preparing for something big like the IELTS, choose expertise over anything else. Before you coming to them, the IELTS instructor has guided several students. Therefore, it lets them be more familiar with the entire process. The IELTS course instructor shares tips and tricks with you to make the preparation easier.

Don’t let your valuable time put on hold!

If your dream is to study abroad and settle there, you have to make the first step give significant importance.

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15 % Increase In The Number Of IELTS Candidates Post Covid-19

Post COVID-19, people have moved ahead with their plans again. And you can see this movement apparently through the number of candidates who have filled the IELTS (International English language Test System) paper in India. There has been an increase of 15 % of the aspirants who wanted to migrate or study in an English-speaking country such as The United States Of America, The United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, And Australia since the pre-pandemic years stated by the official figures.

IELTS is basically a globally accepted English proficiency testing system that is mandatory for the candidates of study visa or PR to fill and pass by achieving the required band score. It is a test for non-native speakers that are conducted by the IDP and British Council.

With the help of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali, you can learn the tips and tricks needed for IELTS. Prepare yourself with the suitable material and achieve the required band score with no stress. We believe in providing the best to the aspirants while simultaneously boosting their confidence to speak and write in English. 

Increase In Candidates For IELTS Post Covid-19

As we have stated, almost 15 % of the candidates have increased over time since the covid breakthrough. IDP Education Limited has shared all the details regarding the statistics of the number. ICP owns the IELTS organization in India.

We have seen almost 10 to 15 % growth in the current year’s IELTS numbers as compared to the pre-pandemic previous year. Stated the IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius) Piyush Kumar.

In fact, IDP launched 23 new offices all over India, which includes Gandhinagar, Anand, Shimla, Rajpur, Jammu, Trichy, Kurukshetra, Patna, Thrissur, Guwahati, Goa, And Calicut.

“With the help of new offices the candidates across India will have access to the world class counselling services through in person mode or virtual medium. It will help them gather information about the rights and prestigious universities and institutes all over Australia, USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland”, said Piyush Kumar {IDP regional (South Asia And Mauritius)}.

These new offices have helped the students in their entire study abroad journey by providing the courses and universities selection, offer acceptance, application submission, finding accommodation, visa assistance, applying for health insurance, opening bank accounts, and many more.

If you are having trouble understanding the insights of the visa procedure, you can visit Visa Consultant in Mohali and clear all your inquiries. 

Why Choose Us?

We believe in providing the best and the updated material to our candidates. Here are some reasons why you must select us for your preparation classes. 

  • Skilled trainers

Without a trainer who can help you comprehend the insights of the IELTS examination, you would not be able to crack the paper with flying bands. We believe in providing the best to our students by hiring qualified trainers to polish your English language. 

  • Reputed coaching center

Another point is that we are a reputed coaching center with a renowned success rate for both IELTS scores and visa applicants. You can check the review of our previous candidates and get to learn about the success rate by yourself.

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Some Hard Truths About IELTS Preparation For Better Opportunity

IELTS is a key to forming a foundation to go abroad. As an expert on IELTS, we frequently answer the most common question regarding IELTS preparation and the tips to pass the all-important IELTS examination, especially during this pandemic.

We all know how online exams have taken a front seat in these challenging times, and it has become a new normal. That being said, many people think that IELTS preparation is a one-size-fits-all thing, which, let me burst your bubble, is not the case. Each candidate has different needs with different strong and weak points. This is why we have jotted down some hard truths about IELTS preparation (English Speaking Course In Mohali).

IELTS Preparation Is Different For Different Candidates

The preparation for IELTS highly depends on the aspirant. In some cases, people are ready with the preparation and can give the exam tomorrow, whereas, in others, a candidate requires six months of hard work and sheer practice to crack the paper. It all, in the end, depends on an individual. It is a fact that something that worked out well for someone would do the same magic on you; there are students who feel that it is not the proper test for you. And to counter that, there are other options available, for example, PTE and TOEFL in the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali.

Apart from that, it is also essential to learn your weak and strong points of yours for improvement. It would be best if you also focused on taking coaching classes from renowned institutes as they would be able to give the right amount of attention to you. What really matters, in the end, is the strategy that you respond to.

Take Right Direction For Better Opportunity

The Internet is a never-ending hole; with tons of information online, you can gather the correct data for your online exam. That being said, people often mistake this alternative form of preparation for the final course, which should not be the case. Online preparation can only help you practice what you have learned from the right institute, but with the help of IELTS coaching classes, you will be able to understand the insights of the IELTS examination, especially about the online paper. The IELTS paper in the online portal is free but not structured, which is the biggest loop. An IELTS institute has a proper training session, with strategies built for each candidate with tips and tricks to improve the area which requires extra attention. This is why it is necessary to think a lot about which IELTS coaching center you would enroll yourself in, as they play a significant role in shaping your proficiency in the non-native language. IELTS is an expensive exam, which is why you would want to crack it in one go.

Work On Your Weakness

Learn the point which is your weakness, and practice that as much as possible. Once you get to know your level in the language, it is necessary to work on those areas which can pull you back. IELTS is all about practice; the more you will do, the better it will be.


Enroll yourself in Let’s Lead Education and prepare for your IELTS examination with expert trainers

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List Of 4 PR Visa Categories For The Skilled Immigrants In Canada

With the help of IELTS, it will be easier for the candidates to get the placement in the required place. It is a mandatory exam that is needed to fill in order to apply for the visa. There are two types of IELTS: Academic and General. Academic IELTS is taken by those aspirants who want to further study in the foreign where Enslig is the 1st language. In contrast, general IELTS is for those who want to get a migration certificate or PR/ work permit.

No matter which category you want to choose, the IELTS Institute in Mohali will help you gain the required band score with the assistance of skilled trainers and new materials.

In this blog, we will be discussing the PR categories for the general immigrants.

List Of PR Visa Category For Skilled Immigrants

Canada is one of the majorly loved destinations for many professionals to settle and work. Since the year 2014, the officials of Canada have been providing facilities of permanent residency to many skilled workers. There are almost 60+ visa programs in Canada. Today we are hosting a discussion about some of those visa categories for the skilled workers so that they can apply in the year 2022. 

  • Federal skilled Worker (FSW) Program

With the assistance of the FSW (federal skilled worker) program, any international skilled worker would be able to get permanent residency in Canada. In order to gain eligibility for the program, it is mandatory for the candidate to pass the IELTS by getting a minimum number of eligibility points you can attain at the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali.

  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

There are a lot of provinces of Canada that facilitate the provincial nominee program (PNP) that sponsor those skilled immigrants to live, come, settle and work in their respective region. After they receive the nomination for the province, they can easily apply for a permanent visa after having Canadian immigration for at least three years. There are specific provisions that are really easy to get into; such provinces also give reasonable job offers to different types of skilled and trained immigrants.

  • Quebec Skilled Worker Visa

Candiafets who are interested in getting their permanent residency in Quebec have to follow a different set of instructions to settle there; there is a different system that needs to be followed. Under the governance of Quebec, the aspirants are asked to fill in for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), which is also known as Regular Skilled Worker Program or even Quebec Experience Program.

All these programs are here to help those skilled and high education immigrants who have applied to immigrate to Quebec. Based on the selected grid elements, the skilled workers are evaluated.

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

There are four Atlantic provinces of Canada connected together to form a new and better fast-track immigration program which is known as the Atlantic immigration pilot program. Given below are those four Atlantic provinces:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island
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Take a walk through the IELTS General Writing Test for better results

Are you planning to prepare for the IELTS test?

Well, that’s a great choice to make your career secure and live an independent life. If your dream has always been to pursue higher studies abroad, then take the first step towards your goal by enrolling yourself at one of the leading IELTS Institute in Mohali. Under the expertise of the course instructor, you are all well-informed about every step you have to take. In this blog, I will give you an understanding of the IELTS general writing test.

IELTS General Writing Test

The IELTS general writing test is made of 2 tasks which include:

  • Writing Task 1
  • Writing Task 2

As the name suggests, in both the sections, the test is based on general interest topics. To make sure you are well-familiar with everything, you should always look for one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali to determine everything correctly and prepare yourself in an ideal manner to achieve the desired IELTS band score.

What is included in both the writing tasks for general writing?

Here’s what is included in both the task 1 and task 2:

  • Writing Task 1

The first task is about mentioning a situation in a letter or requesting information, or explaining one specific situation. The letter writing includes improving all the necessary facilities. The examiner’s key focus is to check your ability regarding the way you mention factual and general content by specifying it through the following:

  • Task
  • Express needs
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Wants

It’s even possible to mention views, opinions, and complaints.

  • Writing Task 2

Well, there’s a specific difference in writing task 2. For the same, you need to write an essay in response to a particular problem, argument, or view. The main aim here is to properly outline an issue, factual information, justify an opinion, present a solution, challenge ideas, and evaluate a situation.

Reading everything you have to do will make you familiar with everything. To prepare yourself for general writing, you should visit one of the best IELTS institutes to make sure you are well-familiar with everything.

FAQs about IELTS general writing test shared by experts

  • Is there an order to complete the IELTS test?

For who is going to appear for the IELTS test on the computer have to appear for the test in the given way:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Now, for the speaking test, it might be done on the same day or seven days before or after everything else.

  • Is it possible to write with a pencil on the IELTS paper test?

YES! A pencil is great for IELTS reading, writing, and listening as the test paper is scanned, so a pencil makes a great choice. Additionally, it allows you to rewrite if something is wrong.

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List of the top courses that opens the road to get PR in Australia

Australia is one of the most renowned places in terms of offering high-quality education to students worldwide. In getting higher education, the students travel to Australia to make their future all bright and secure. Some might only want to finish their high-level education in Australia, but the dream job is to settle in Australia for others. Well, here, the focus is needed on the first step: choosing the best course in terms of study purpose.

Suppose you are thinking about studying in Australia. In that case, you should join one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali and get yourself trained for the IELTS exam under the expertise of the IELTS instructor, who will give you all the necessary details as to what you should do next. If you are planning to do the same, then this blog will provide you with a list of all those courses that are worth opting for to plan for your journey to study in Australia.

Topmost courses that you can choose to study in Australia

  • Engineering

An engineering degree is one of the most significant ways to seek employment, especially for international students. Engineers are the ones who have the responsibility to innovate and give practical solutions to different complex issues. Their commitment is towards designing, building, manufacturing, creating, and inventing new ideas. The list of courses in engineering that you can opt for is mechanical engineering, structural engineering, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, and much more.

  • Accounting

Accounting is another great occupation that’s growing in Australia. Considering the similar reason students are opting to pursue accounting. Once you step into this arena, multiple job options are awaiting you. As an accounting student, you are in a position to apply for the position of external editor, taxation accountant, general accountant, external editor, and much more.

  • Nursing

Nursing is another excellent choice in making your career secure by all means. It’s one of the best occupations in all ways. As there’s a need for skilled medical employees, it’s like opting for this course opens up several doors for you. For the Nurse practitioner, the list of techniques that you can opt for is Nurse surgical, community health, mental health, medical practice, registered Nurse, aged care, critical rehabilitation, and much more.

  • Social work

Social work is another choice that’s getting the attention of aspiring students from around the globe. Those who want to get work done for the underprivileged people can opt for the said choice. It’s like helping society through the different social causes.

Do you have any doubts?

With the assistance of the trained IELTS Coaching course instructor, it will be much easier for you to plan everything. Moreover, their service will help you choose the right course to make your future safe and secure in all ways. If you are looking for one, then join Let’s Lead Educational to begin your IELTS preparation study most effectively.

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IELTS Online: Appear for IELTS online in 2022 in a secure way

We live in the digital world, where everything is available to us just within a few clicks as every other sector is making the most of the online world, so why not appear for the IELTS test through the online approach. Once you have prepared yourself under the expert guidance of the IELTS instructor at IELTS Institute in Mohali afterward, you can give the secure online IELTS test for an early global rollout in 2022.

Umm, Is that even possible?


IELTS Online, Changing the dynamics of taking the test

IELTS online indeed is a new approach for all those preparing for the IELTS Academic at one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali. IELTS is an internationally accepted test of the English Proficiency of the students who are planning to study, work, or migrate to a foreign country.

IELTS online allows the students to take tests from their own home or a suitable area where they want to get themselves started on their journey.

How is the IELTS online test conducted?

Everything with the IELTS online tests is just the same whether you talk about the format or content. So, just the way you give the pen & paper computer-delivered IELTS tests, the online test is done. For the speaking test, the IELTS examiner will be online talking to you.

Making the change in the way test is done

Through the IELTS online, it’s like taking one step further in changing the test take experience. The online IELTS test is the way to provide higher flexibility in all forms.

How soon will the IELTS online test results be obtained?

The primary consideration is that test-takers will get faster results. This is because the results are validated three days after the test. With the availability of the online test, it’s like more people are getting empowered to do better and follow their ambitions.

Take a peek at the IELTS online test

As usual, the four skills are tested in online IELTS Academic: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Additionally, the trained examiners do the right kind of assessment, and then the speaking test with the human examiner to see whether the candidate can communicate in English effectively.

One thing is sure that through the IELTS Online, the factor of flexibility, confidence, technological updation, and security features have all gotten better. With the addition of the new and invented methods, doing the right test way is managed.

Are you looking for an institute to prepare yourself for IELTS?

Let’s Lead Educational is the coaching centre you are looking for to get the +7 band and start in the right direction to make your future shine bright.

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What Is The Difference Between IELTS Academic And Ielts General?

IELTS is a test to check the proficiency in English of the candidate, when they wanted to move to a country whose primary or native language is English like Canada, Australia, Newzealand the USA and the UK.

IELTS is also divided into two categories IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Both serve a different purpose and you must choose the following test after you have taken consultancy in the IELTS Institute in Mohali.

Difference Between General And Academic:

There is a major difference in both tests. IELTS Academic is for those who wanted to pursue their further studies abroad, whereas the candidates who are interested to work and migrate to the desired country must opt for IELTS general.

With the help of the Best IELTS Institute in Mohali, the candidates can ensure a good coaching class to crack the test with a band score that is required.

Let us now understand both the test and its module in detail.

Format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General:

Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General has four modules in it, those are:

    1. Listening
    2. Reading
    3. Writing
    4. Speaking

Bands Requirements For IELTS Academic and General

Though the format of the test may seem similar, there is a difference between them in terms of questions asked and the requirement of bands score too.

In most cases academic candidates require approx 6- 6.5 band score to get enrolled in the university, whereas the requirement for General candidates is higher, they need approx 7.5-8 bands to migrate.

Modules That are Similar In Both The Test

    • Listening Module: In both the IELTS Academic and IELTS General, the listening part is the same. Four different recordings will be played in this module with a series of questions. You need to answer those questions. Be careful in the exam as the accent may vary.
    • Speaking Module: the candidates in both tests have to converse with the examiner. This module is divided into 3 parts that are- introduction, cue card and follow-up.

Modules That Differs In Both The Test

    • Reading Module: for both the test the duration of the paper is of 60 minutes.

Academic: it is divided into three passages, wherein the candidate must answer the question which is in the form of multiple-choice questions, headings, sentence endings and matching information.

General: it is decided into 3 sections. 1st section is a short conversation between 2 people. 2nd section consists of a text and the 3rd section includes long and narrative passages.

    • Writing Module: it is divided into two tasks.

Academic: in task 1 the candidate has to describe the diagram(150 words). And in task 2 an essay is to be written on a given topic(250 words)

General: in task 1 the candidate is given to write a letter(150 words) whereas in task 2 the candidate has to write an essay of 250 words.

Final Comments

In Let’s Lead Education you can prepare for your IELTS, no matter what your requirement is.

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Student Visa: When, How And What Is The Requirement To Apply For It.

What does aspiring students needs? A base that could ensure their security of good career and knowledge. And if those students have decided to pursue their further studies abroad, there is no bigger opportunity than they could not acquire.

For that, there are many preparations that they have to do to book a flight to their desired place. First of all, they need to pass their IELTS, which they can prepare in an IELTS Institute in Mohali and get the required bands.

PLEASE NOTE: Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali can only prepare you for the IELTS it depends on your confidence to manage the situation as there is no fixed syllabus for it.

The second and important part that is needed to be checked is your student visa.

There might be many questions that would pop inside your head regarding the visa and how to attain it, this read could help you detangle some of the jumble in your mind.

What Is Student Visa?

With the help of a student visa, you can stay and study in your desired country for a specific period. It is an endorsement that is given by the authorities of the immigration on your passport.

When Should One Apply For A Student Visa?

It would be best to apply for your student visa application once you received an offer letter or confirmation letter of enrolment in the university or college that you want to take admission to.

As the time to get your visa application may vary from country to country it would be best if you would apply for a student visa as early as possible, regardless of when your program is due to start.

You should start applying for your student visa prior if you are planning to seek any financial aid, like a scholarship or educational loan. As this process is time-consuming it would be best to try your hand way before.

How To Apply For A Student Visa?

Many steps are needed to be kept in mind while applying for a student visa, however, the process and the requirement of the steps may vary from country to country. But these are some evidence that a student would require to achieve the visa.

Required Evidence For The Student

  • The first thing a country would check before approving the student visa is the evidence of your English Language Proficiency, it may be done by different exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and many others.
  • A passport that would be valid for at least 6 months after your stay.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Offer letter from a recognised university or college.
  • Proof of your funds that is needed to be paid like the capacity to pay the tuition fees, living costs, and airfares for the duration that you would be staying.x


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Be on the lookout for the best IELTS Institute by considering these points

All those who wish to travel abroad…first of all, ‘CONGRATS!’ In the first instance, you need to prepare yourself and choose the best IELTS Institute. But, ‘WHY?’ The focus is always upon choosing one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Punjab. The biggest factor is that not every institute will give the same sort of service. Moreover, their approach towards making the students aware is also different. Whether you talk about the study material and training, there is a difference in everything they do. So, this is the reason choosing one of the best IELTS institutes comes with utmost importance.

Important points to consider while on the search for ‘Top-rated IELTS Institute’

These are like they should have pointed to keep in mind while on the search for the IELTS Institute in Mohali:

  • Utmost importance on practical study

The selected IELTS institute has to focus on giving practical knowledge. The study material must give all the necessary information to the students to make the learning journey easier and understand what is needed. Moreover, it’s also like making the base as constructive as possible.

  • Demo-class

The demo class is the way to better analyze the entire situation. Moreover, it will make the student have a better understanding of the IELTS Institute. The institute must have all sorts of things needed to make the student well understand the minutest details & especially learn the important stuff from the qualified trainers.

  • Institute needs to be working for the betterment

There must be an R&D team that is continuously working on bringing the latest method & technologies. Every day should be a new day and there should be the same kind of zeal to get things done.

  • Timing is important

Indeed! The timing plays an important part while selecting the IELTS Institute. Before you select the institute make sure to check the timing as to when they provide the classes. Moreover, if there is any slot as to which they can make the process to get the cause easier for you.

  • Experienced team of IELTS instructor

While on the lookout for the IELTS Institute in Mohali it’s essential to consider the IELTS instructors are well-trained and they have expertise in making the students aware of the entire process. Their expertise and skill will make a lot of difference for the students to know in & out about the entire situation.

Make the right choice to get +7 Band

In case you are wondering whom to choose then one of the known IELTS institutes in Punjab is ‘Let’s Lead Educational’. Moreover, the students will be asked to check their knowledge through the test. So, this will work like getting an insight about where the student has to work to make a difference in their skills.