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What should you consider before you join the best IELTS institute?

No matter which competitive exam you are about to prepare for or going to appear for the same, you ALWAYS have to know the minutest detail of the exam. Here our goal is to talk about the IELTS exam which many students have appeared in the past and continue to do with each passing year. When you know about all the desired information it is extremely easy to get things done in the right way. You know what, to make sure you are preparing the right way and going in the right direction, always look for the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali. If you are looking for one then Let’s Lead Educational is the best IELTS Institute in Mohali to prepare yourself in the best manner to make your future secure.

What are the questions you should ask before joining the IELTS course?

Consider this as a checklist to make the right move for the future. We know it might seem tough in the first place but you don’t have to confuse yourself or get worried in any manner. Before you get yourself registered to prepare for the IELTS Exam, you have to ask these questions.

Number 1:

Always ask the institute how other students have done in the past or what makes them different from others? Understand that anyone can short in the dark but the results are not worth it in any manner. It’s important to have a clear picture of everything and see what they have achieved.

Number 2:

You need to check that the institute is giving you a trial class. With this, it will be much easier to have an understanding on how they make you aware of the course or the particular subject. This way you will get a better insight into how they provide coaching.

Bear in mind, once your classes have started you need to attend them regularly and practice on your own. The IELTS instructor will not give you any sort of magic potion as their job is just to make you learn about everything. You are the one who needs to do as much practice as you can.

Number 3:

Sometimes, students want to work to earn money and side by side prepare for the IELTS classes. Well! The choice is yours on what you want to do but check their class timing to ensure that they provide you with all the information and do not miss out on giving classes from their end. In case, there is an emergency then they should reschedule it.

Number 4:

How much will they take to complete the course or know about the course duration they offer? Do they conduct mock tests? How many mock tests do they conduct? Understand that performing the necessary number of mock tests will make it easier for you to know where you lack or how you are performing.

Number 5:

The IELTS coaching centre needs to have an experienced and trained IELTS instructor. Many institutes even conduct sessions to take feedback on how well the instructors taught them. This is a great way to tell where improvement is needed.

Final word!

Are you planning to study abroad? Well! Keep these factors in mind and choose the best IELTS coaching centre to get started. Are you looking for the best institute? Let’s Lead Educational is the right place for you. For further information get in touch with our team.


IELTS training

Why Is The IELTS Test The Most Useful Test To Assess Your English Skills?

Are you eager to visit abroad to study in some of the recognized international universities?

If Yes, then do you know, which step do you need to take up initially?

Step -1 (Most Important)

This step requires you to find a well-reputed IELTS Institute. No?

If you are feeling too lazy to find the most acclaimed IELTS Institute, then you can count on us. Let’s Lead is one of the Most reputed IELTS institute in Mohali. It is known for providing the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali. The students who have been taught by the teachers of this institute are climbing the peaks of success in foreign countries.

Here in this blog we are going to let you know, why is it extremely important to take the IELTS test:

Useful In Every Aspect Of The Life

English is the international language. It is recognized by all the nations worldwide. It is believed that if a person wants to emerge successful in this world, then he needs to be well-versed and fluent in speaking English. No matter whether it is about the job or you want to become eligible to study in some international university, it will always and always be needed by you to have an IELTS exam cleared.

Enhancement Of The Skills

When we are talking about learning, then no matter whether you get any other benefit or not. One advantage, you will always get – ‘Get a Boost in the skills. In IELTS, skills emerge to be an even more comprehensive term since all the following skills do get a boost:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

You Will Get The Right Assessment Of Your Competence

There are immensely strict criteria to assess each of the IELTS tests. In the IELTS, scores are obtained from the 9 Bands. Having 6 bands or above signals that you are having a good understanding and expertise of English. In case, you get scored with 5 bands or even less than that, then you are suggested to retake the test. But this time, get yourself prepared thoroughly.

Rightly Classified

Based on your purpose to take the IELTS test or to visit a foreign country, IELTS is divided into two main types:

  • Academic IELTS
  • General IELTS

Those who are intending to study in foreign lands usually take up Academic IELTS to get their English skills tested. If you want to go to foreign lands for gaining work experience, then to show your eligibility, you need to take up the General IELTS test

British English or American

Those who are willing to learn British or American English can benefit from IELTS since it covers both.

Bottom Line!

If you are planning to take an IELTS test, then you have probably made the right decision. No matter whether you want to take it up for visiting the foreign land or want to assess your skills, it can never prove to the kind of the option for whom you will have to think twice.

IELTS training

Why Do People Rely Only On The Visa Application Process Of Let’s Lead Educationals?

Let’s Lead Educational holds itself accountable for fulfilling your dream of studying and permanently living in your favourite foreign country. Happy and Excited about it?

Here are 4 of the reasons why people rely on us:

Guarantee Of Helping Them To Choose The Best Course

We at Let’s Lead Educational help the children to choose the best course or the degree programs that will help them to make their careers. The students who have gone to the foreign countries through us do remember us even today for helping them to choose the internally recognised courses.

Countries With The Best Lifestyle

We do encounter several cases regularly, in which the people want to go to a specific country through a study visa. But the main motive of their visit is never to study but they want to improve and enhance their lifestyle. And based on their motives we suggest or guide them with the best way to settle in that particular country.

Incredible Employability Rate

The people who visit foreign countries through any kind of visa are the ones who cannot survive without getting employment. And usually, the agents or the immigration offices through which they have gone, do not take responsibility for that. But there is no such thing with us. We not only promise the candidate a successful visa application, but we also assure him employability.

We Do Not Charge You More

We only charge you with what is relevant. Our aim has always been to build a great network. We have never put the money in the first place. So we expect our candidates to be loyal to us as well. In some of our upcoming schemes, we shall facilitate the students to pay the fees even after a visa.

Final Comments!

Are you also intending to study in a foreign country or to explore your dream nation?

Then when will you do it?

‘NOW’ is the right time to do anything.

We are waiting for you to give us a treat since we know your visa application is going to be successful. With the grace of God, None of our walk-ins has ever walked away dissatisfied.

Congratulations To Future-NRI..!

IELTS training

How to apply for a UK study Visa with the help of Let’s Lead Educational?

Let’s Lead Educationals is going, to sum up, the ‘UK student Visa application’ in this blog. Are you interested in it?

5 Step UK Visa Application Procedure

Step 1:

When you will visit us, then we’ll ask you the following:

  • Education Documents
  • Funds With the Bank Certificate & Statements

Did you know?

Based on your pass out the year, percentage and the work-experience, it will be decided whether you need to take up an IELTS test or not.

Step 2:

At this stage, the student needs to avail all of the following:

  • Academic Documents (Both Transcripts and the Certificates)
  • A copy of the passport
  • Recommendation Letters from the teachers – 2
  • Work Experience letters if there are any gap years
  • SOP – Statement of Purpose
  • CV

Step 3:

Once the offer letter from the university will be received, then the following things are needed to be covered efficiently:

  • Paying the Enrollment fees directly to the university
  • Management of the funds

Did you know?

  • The arrangement of the funds comprises of the following:
  • Tuition fees for 1 year
  • Living Cost for 9 months
  • You need to hold this money in your bank account for a minimum period of 28 days.

Step 4:

Now you have:

  • Prepare for the interviews
  • Obtain a TB certificate from IOM
  • Preparation of the additional financial documents like:
  • Relationship Certificates with Sponsorship
  • Income and Property Evaluation

Step 5:

This step requires you to apply for the visa letter. For that you will need the following:

  • Fees payment Confirmation
  • TB Certificate
  • Financial Documents like
  • Bank Certificate
  • Bank Statement

Final Comments!

Since you have gotten acquainted with the 5 step UK Visa application procedure. It is super easy if you have the required documents. In case you want to have any advice concerning your case, then we are always available at your service.

Please book your consultation with us!

IELTS training

Let’s Lead’s Educational’s IELTS Mistakes Guide Which Students Should Avoid

Let’s Lead Educational has brought among the IELTS aspirants, 6 of the things which are fetching them back in the league of obtaining more than 6 bands.

Unenhanced Vocabulary, Grammatical & Spelling Errors

When it is about the written exam for the IELTS, then we need to be very sure that we are regularly working on our vocab, grammar and spelling. It is these three things that can make or break your bands in your IELTS.

Time Orderliness

This is one of the skills that 80% of the students lack. And those who lack it, cannot score more than 6 bands. To make sure, the proper schedule for the given tasks is maintained, the aspirant needs to put in the painstaking efforts and practice managing the tasks each day and night.

What we pronounce is, What we write!

Mispronunciation is one of the things that the students can do to lose their bands. Some students criticize this band determining factor by saying that the accent does not make you lose any points. They are unaware of the difference between the Accent and the Pronunciation. The way we pronounce things, the same way we write them. So mispronunciation will cause me to lose some points in writing and speaking.

Push Your Luck with – Hit and Trial

The IELTS aspirants are advised not to leave any questions blank. Trying on a question will not lose you any marks. Think positive! What if you get a mark after trying a question with a chance.

Not using any kind of the transition words

The transition words are responsible for making the reader and the listener has a better idea of what you are trying to say. And that is what is needed in IELTS. Right? So the students should leave no stone unturned in practising the use of the transition words to the maximum.