Which are the most commonly asked questions on IELTS listening?

When it comes to IELTS preparation, the students have different questions boggling in their minds. When they plan for their journey at one of the best IELTS Institute in Mohali; they will get a clear understanding of everything and what needs to be done. This blog is dedicated to making you understand the FAQs about IELTS listening and seek better clarity over everything.

FAQs about IELTS listening

Use of capital letters

Question: What if I write in capital letters? Is that okay?

When you are seeking training at one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, you will get to know that as per IELTS guidelines, it’s possible to write exams in capital and lowercase letters.

Academic and general writing

Question: How are academic and general training listening tests different?

If you only give importance to the IELTS listening test, then there’s no difference. The IELTS test is just one. Moreover, there are various papers when you talk about writing and reading tests. For better clarity, always seek assistance from the IELTS course instructor.

Use of acronyms

Question: Is it okay to write answers in short forms?

It’s better to avoid them as they won’t help you achieve your desired IELTS band. No doubt the abbreviations of weight like 5 kg, 10 kg and time like 9 am, and 7 pm are okay. Apart from that, it’s better that you write everything incomplete form. Otherwise, you are increasing your chances of losing marks in the IELTS exam. The best suggestion is that you should write NZ instead of New Zealand.

Spelling mantra

Will I lose marks if I write the wrong spelling?

Question: If you wrote the wrong spelling by mistake, it wouldn’t give you any marks. Although the ½ mark is deducted, the listening section usually doesn’t have long & difficult words, so struggling with names won’t be an issue.

Accent improvement

Question: Is it possible to include different English in the listening test?

Unfortunately, such practice is not there. When you appear for the listening test, there are various languages that you have to work upon. It’s better to prepare yourself for the test by learning about the different sources. As you prepare yourself for the IELTS journey, you are given a thorough understanding of the same to make it easier and smooth.

Writing numbers

Question: What’s the right way to write numbers: Words or figures?

Well! It won’t make much of a difference in whatever way you write. So, it’s correct to write like 2 or two.

Question paper reading

Question: Will I be given a question paper while I am listening

In the case of paper-based IELTS, it’s given. Therefore, what you should do is listen carefully and then write down everything to be sure you are doing it correctly. Lastly, you are given enough time to answer everything correctly.

Write & pause

Question: Is it possible to write down by pausing in-between?

YES! There is a time period in-between that gives you the necessary opportunity to read ahead and then highlight what’s right. No doubt, it’s up to you the way you use the pause.

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