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How to score well in IELTS? Which Tips and Tricks would help you?

I know how challenging it is to score well in each of the sections. The proper exam preparation and a good night’s sleep is all we want. We need to remain acquainted with the tips and tricks that we can use to score better.

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Don’t get too deep into it

Do not try to dig deep into the meaning of every phrase and unique word you see. You won’t have time to complete each of the sections.

Be organised with your thought process

The students who are taking the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali are taught, “You need to stay organised with your thoughts and ideas before you write them all. Spare a moment and prepare a rough outline of how you are planning to write your ideas.”

Do not take much time on assessment

Make sure you are not taking much time to review your question and assess what you have written.

Look straight into the eye of the examiner during the speaking exam

When it is your speaking exam, then you have to make sure that you are looking straight into the eye of the examiner.

Make Optimum Utilization of the time

You will be given some short periods when the recording will be played. Make sure to use that time well and for the preparation of the answers to your questions.

Be acquainted with the structure of the questions

The listening sections incorporate the questions based on the information presented in the recordings.

Do not make use of the fillers & unnecessary words

There are some instructions that you need to follow as far as the minimum word usage requirement is there. Try to reach the minimum amount of the words, but make sure that you are not using the fillers and the unnecessary words.

Do not try to speak in an accent which you are not having

Some people think that if they speak in a particular accent, it will make them look native to some English speaking country. But it is not so, if you are using a fake accent to showcase your English speaking skills, then the chances are that you may be deemed as over smart by the examiner.

Use enhanced vocabulary

Do not use the basic words. Make sure you are using advanced words like use elucidate for clear and meticulous for careful.

 Do not use an excessive amount of the fillers

If you use too many fillers, the examiner will not focus on what you are saying. His focus will get shifted to how many times you are using the fillers.