Canada PR Visa

Immigration Changes: Work upon labor shortage and encourage to apply PR in Canada

Immigration rules are ever-changing, and with those ever-changing rules come different scenarios. At present, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced some new measures that focus on international students and aim toward express entry.

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Making immigration rules simplified in Canada

The most vital factor is simplifying the immigration rules to encourage qualified candidates to come to Canada. Such measures are taken to fulfill thousands of vacant positions in Canada by the eligible ones. Considering the same, the focus is shifted towards applying PR in Canada.

Aiming for growth in Canada

Bringing skilled labour, especially the ones suitable for this job, makes a difference in their working scenario. Such efforts point to the ones who have recently completed graduation and are preparing themselves for IELTS at one of the  Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali who have got a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in their career for the better. Loosening up the immigration rules specifies how crucial it is to get the recovery done properly for a better approach.

How will immigration change work?

With the availability of express entry, more focus is on permanent residency.

The government put a hold on express entry for some time, but now it will be taken back in July. So, anyone who wishes to immigrate permanently through a skilled federal worker and skilled trades program can do the same. Earlier restrictions have been imposed on travel due to COVID, which created a backlog for the same, and to deal with it, the applications are now being processed to make everything work effectively.

Qualified candidates are eligible to apply for permanent residency

With new immigration rule changes, the focus is put upon getting the focus shifted towards permanent residency. Those who have applied for permanent residency while waiting to work on a work permit will seek the results by 2024. Not just that, even the immediate family members are in the state to apply for a separate open work permit to apply for PR in Canada.

Increasing stay duration for International students for 18 months

If anyone’s post-graduation work permit expires or expires are in the state to have an increased duration of 18 months.

The government is all focused on making the process of PR in Canada faster and ensuring all the necessary details are fulfilled. The said changes tell that it’s a good time for the individuals to make a difference in their careers.