Learn About The Popular Intakes In Canada And Their Deadline 2022

To invite various students from all across the world, most universities in Canada conduct applications at a specific time, which is also referred to as intakes.

If you want to apply for an offer letter from universities, the 1st step would be to pass your IELTS, which you can prepare from Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali.

After that, you could quickly fill your admission in the intake that best suits you.

Popular Intakes In Canada

Universities in Canada conduct three prominent intakes- Fall Intake, Spring/ Summer Intake, and Winter Intake. The most number of candidates fill admission in the fall intakes even in other major countries such as The USA, Australia, and Europe.

Below is a chart that would describe the three intakes in brief detail.

Intakes In Canada Durations About The Intake
Fall Intake

(Primary Intake)

September- December/Early January


The fall intake is one of the most popular intake among the Indian students. As it provides various degrees or courses/diplomas to the foreign students.
Winter Intake

(Secondary Intake)

January- May It is best suited for those students who did not enroll in the fall intake. It starts from January and ends in may.
Summer/Spring Intake



May- August Unlike fall and winter intake, summer intakes have limited options available for colleges and programmes.


As it is much harder to find the course and programs available in summer intake, we will help you by giving information about the same. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit the IELTS Institute in Mohali and take visa counseling.

May Intake In Canada

It is comparatively the least intakes of all; fewer students enroll in that period. The colleges offer limited courses or programs with short-term diplomas and degrees. However, summer intake is vital as it allows international students to catch up with their classmates during the summer break. It is the best option s for those students who did not enroll in other intakes because of late results announcements or other personal reasons.

Here are some colleges that are available in the may intake:

  1. Ryerson University
  2. Algonquin College
  3. University of Waterloo
  4. Seneca College
  5. Northern College
  6. Centennial College
  7. Vancouver Community College
  8. University of Fraser Valley

Deadline For All The Intakes

Checking the deadline of universities and colleges before applying for any intake is essential.

Here are the standard deadlines for all the intakes.

Intake Deadline
Fall intake From December To March
Summer Intake From September to November
Winter Intake February

Deadline For Diploma In College And Universities

Colleges and universities set different deadlines for different intakes for the diploma candidates. 

Intake College Deadline University Deadline
Fall Intake From December To March Of The Previous Year From February To April Of The Same Year
Summer Intake From September To November Of The Previous Year From August To September (Same Year)
Winter Intake February In The Same Year Between January And February (Same Year)