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Let’s Lead’s Educational’s IELTS Mistakes Guide Which Students Should Avoid

Let’s Lead Educational has brought among the IELTS aspirants, 6 of the things which are fetching them back in the league of obtaining more than 6 bands.

Unenhanced Vocabulary, Grammatical & Spelling Errors

When it is about the written exam for the IELTS, then we need to be very sure that we are regularly working on our vocab, grammar and spelling. It is these three things that can make or break your bands in your IELTS.

Time Orderliness

This is one of the skills that 80% of the students lack. And those who lack it, cannot score more than 6 bands. To make sure, the proper schedule for the given tasks is maintained, the aspirant needs to put in the painstaking efforts and practice managing the tasks each day and night.

What we pronounce is, What we write!

Mispronunciation is one of the things that the students can do to lose their bands. Some students criticize this band determining factor by saying that the accent does not make you lose any points. They are unaware of the difference between the Accent and the Pronunciation. The way we pronounce things, the same way we write them. So mispronunciation will cause me to lose some points in writing and speaking.

Push Your Luck with – Hit and Trial

The IELTS aspirants are advised not to leave any questions blank. Trying on a question will not lose you any marks. Think positive! What if you get a mark after trying a question with a chance.

Not using any kind of the transition words

The transition words are responsible for making the reader and the listener has a better idea of what you are trying to say. And that is what is needed in IELTS. Right? So the students should leave no stone unturned in practising the use of the transition words to the maximum.