IELTS Writing

Introduction To Certain Approaches To Seek 7+ Band In IELTS

As an IELTS candidate, you would understand how hard it could be sometimes to form up good ideas for the writing module.

There are so many dos and don’ts that must be followed before writing. Also, it might be easier for candidates to form up ideas for the body, as they can fill it with some examples and points to justify the question. But what really pulls your hair is the introduction.

Importance Of Introduction

An introduction would form an overall impression upon the examiner, they would look at the writing style, your ideas, and overall quality. In order to not form any negative 1st impressions, you must avoid writing a disorganized, confusing, and error-filled introduction. Rather you must focus on writing a concise, engaging, and well-written introduction. This is why you would require a strategy that you can get from IELTS Institute in Mohali to write a good introduction for your writing module.

Certain Approach For Writing A Good Introduction

  • Read and analyze all the details: before writing your answer down, it is important to understand and jot down what the prompt is asking from you. Your introduction would be based on all the parts that the prompt has asked you to discuss.
  • Do not copy material from the prompt: while you must take help from the prompt by taking some clues and hints to form your introduction, do not start your writing by copying down the same line or phrases from the prompt. This would put a bad impression on the examiner as it would show your limitation towards the range of vocabulary. You can rather use synonyms, break the more complex ideas into smaller ones and try to put the details in the new order.
  • Start from the big picture then move to details: start from the umbrella of the topic wherein later you gather all the details together. If you are opening your introduction sentence with a “big opening” make sure it must be closely related to the topic. After that, you can go into tiny details and explain every point with complete information.
  • Make your position clear: in writing task 2 you would be specifically asked to give your opinion on the topic. Hence you must make your position very clear, whether you are agreeing or disagreeing with the topic or whose stance you are in. At Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali, you can understand how to proportionate your answer.
  • Proofread your introduction: before you move forward with your topic, re-read your introduction. This would help you organize your thought process, as you might be arguing about a certain point but end up arguing about something entirely different thing. After you have completed your essay, revise your introduction and check whether they are matching with the rest of the content or not.

Just how important introduction is to form up a good 1st impression, a conclusion would ensure the strength of your arguments.