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Master These Tips To Perform Well In Your IELTS Speaking Exam

Among all the IELTS modules, people feel the speaking test is the most difficult. They feel so because they do not know the tips and the tricks to impress the examiner. If you are one of them, then today’s blog is going to enhance your speaking skills. The tried and tested formulae to impress the examiner is presented by the experienced trainers practising in the IELTS institute in Mohali.

  1. Don’t try to fool the examiner

The thumb rule of passing the IELTS exam with a good score is not to be over clever and over smart to deceive the examiner. The examiner is far more clever than you.


Some students polish their skills on Idioms, Phrases and some of the CC (Catchy but Cheesy) Sentences and spark anything around the world. My dear clever students, by doing this you are not going to get more than 4 bands.

Be cautious and rely on the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali as it is the only way with which you can conquer your test.

  1. Silent Rules of IELTS

  • Be natural and honest

The examiners tend to be tempted by those who are quite natural and honest with their life experiences. You must attach some of the anecdotes with your answer But, do not be next level frank with the examiner.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Conversations

Show friendliness with the examiner in your answers but do not try to be super frank with him and tell him about your band scores and ask him his scores.

  • Do not irritate the examiner

The survey of the IELTS speaking module conducting examiners has revealed that, “ They feel more annoyed when the students get frank enough with them to touch the personal aspects of their lives. Sometimes, the students want a bit of time to frame the answers and thus out of their cleverness they keep on asking the examiner to rephrase the question for them even if they have understood at the beginning.”


You can ask the examiner about the synonyms of the words, but do not ask him to explain the meaning of the particular sentence.

  • Follow the Length Rule

You must know about the length of the answers which will be asked by the examiner in the different modules. In the first section, your answer must be 3 to 4 sentences long. In the follow-up sections, you need to elaborate on the answers to satisfy the intent of the listener.

  • Keep your eyes off from he is writing

Again, do not act smart to figure out what the examiner thinks about you by looking at what he writes. Keep your eyes straight in the eyes of the examiner and show him that you are confident enough to answer his questions.

Final Comments!

Let’s Lead Educational always wants its students to aim higher and this is the only way they can touch the sky of success.