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Student Visa: When, How And What Is The Requirement To Apply For It.

What does aspiring students needs? A base that could ensure their security of good career and knowledge. And if those students have decided to pursue their further studies abroad, there is no bigger opportunity than they could not acquire.

For that, there are many preparations that they have to do to book a flight to their desired place. First of all, they need to pass their IELTS, which they can prepare in an IELTS Institute in Mohali and get the required bands.

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The second and important part that is needed to be checked is your student visa.

There might be many questions that would pop inside your head regarding the visa and how to attain it, this read could help you detangle some of the jumble in your mind.

What Is Student Visa?

With the help of a student visa, you can stay and study in your desired country for a specific period. It is an endorsement that is given by the authorities of the immigration on your passport.

When Should One Apply For A Student Visa?

It would be best to apply for your student visa application once you received an offer letter or confirmation letter of enrolment in the university or college that you want to take admission to.

As the time to get your visa application may vary from country to country it would be best if you would apply for a student visa as early as possible, regardless of when your program is due to start.

You should start applying for your student visa prior if you are planning to seek any financial aid, like a scholarship or educational loan. As this process is time-consuming it would be best to try your hand way before.

How To Apply For A Student Visa?

Many steps are needed to be kept in mind while applying for a student visa, however, the process and the requirement of the steps may vary from country to country. But these are some evidence that a student would require to achieve the visa.

Required Evidence For The Student

  • The first thing a country would check before approving the student visa is the evidence of your English Language Proficiency, it may be done by different exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL and many others.
  • A passport that would be valid for at least 6 months after your stay.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Offer letter from a recognised university or college.
  • Proof of your funds that is needed to be paid like the capacity to pay the tuition fees, living costs, and airfares for the duration that you would be staying.x