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Take a walk through the IELTS General Writing Test for better results

Are you planning to prepare for the IELTS test?

Well, that’s a great choice to make your career secure and live an independent life. If your dream has always been to pursue higher studies abroad, then take the first step towards your goal by enrolling yourself at one of the leading IELTS Institute in Mohali. Under the expertise of the course instructor, you are all well-informed about every step you have to take. In this blog, I will give you an understanding of the IELTS general writing test.

IELTS General Writing Test

The IELTS general writing test is made of 2 tasks which include:

  • Writing Task 1
  • Writing Task 2

As the name suggests, in both the sections, the test is based on general interest topics. To make sure you are well-familiar with everything, you should always look for one of the Best IELTS Coaching in Mohali to determine everything correctly and prepare yourself in an ideal manner to achieve the desired IELTS band score.

What is included in both the writing tasks for general writing?

Here’s what is included in both the task 1 and task 2:

  • Writing Task 1

The first task is about mentioning a situation in a letter or requesting information, or explaining one specific situation. The letter writing includes improving all the necessary facilities. The examiner’s key focus is to check your ability regarding the way you mention factual and general content by specifying it through the following:

  • Task
  • Express needs
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Wants

It’s even possible to mention views, opinions, and complaints.

  • Writing Task 2

Well, there’s a specific difference in writing task 2. For the same, you need to write an essay in response to a particular problem, argument, or view. The main aim here is to properly outline an issue, factual information, justify an opinion, present a solution, challenge ideas, and evaluate a situation.

Reading everything you have to do will make you familiar with everything. To prepare yourself for general writing, you should visit one of the best IELTS institutes to make sure you are well-familiar with everything.

FAQs about IELTS general writing test shared by experts

  • Is there an order to complete the IELTS test?

For who is going to appear for the IELTS test on the computer have to appear for the test in the given way:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Now, for the speaking test, it might be done on the same day or seven days before or after everything else.

  • Is it possible to write with a pencil on the IELTS paper test?

YES! A pencil is great for IELTS reading, writing, and listening as the test paper is scanned, so a pencil makes a great choice. Additionally, it allows you to rewrite if something is wrong.